Kulig Financial Featured in DPL Financial Podcast

We were pleased to be featured in a podcast with DPL Financial, one of our insurance partners, on using commission-free annuities in your financial plan.

For a listen, please head to https://url.emailprotection.link/?bVdmsXuVWd4IXmQYveVehYZ8dsW2VWQT5Gi7g87IBNDoereonznfmRfDuuZN6kgbsoQoOreat4Z4OyREkKvS8RMY4cuA0ojPZCTtRUP2XGTnBhqRd6tWqtJrxNPHShMXz.

If you have an annuity that needs a review for fit with your financial plan, or if you wonder if they are appropriate, please get in touch. Since we are fee-only, we receive no commissions for any product recommendations, so you can feel confident they are in your best interest.