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Kulig Financial Advisors now offering Dimensional Fund Advisors funds

In August I attended a conference held by Dimensional Fund Advisors, a semi-passive fund manager, so that I may offer their funds to clients who have an ongoing relationship with Kulig Financial Advisors (asset management or portfolio monitoring assignments). The session in New York was very good, and I can now make these products available to clients.

DFA strategies are systematic and disciplined in nature, and they were designed by academics around market anomalies which tend to add value over time. Their portfolios hold an extremely diversified basket of securities, but they generally have a tilt toward factors which tend to add value over time. These factors work over the long haul, but over shorter periods they may not add value. For that reason, they are not something I generally recommend for 100% of a client portfolio, but they can work very well for a portion of it. The products are also offered at a reasonable cost to you as the investor. I do not receive any commission from DFA for using their funds, so be assured that these are used based solely on their own merits.

For more information on Dimensional Fund Advisors and their approach, please see To see if they are a fit for your portfolio, please get in touch with me at