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Chance Meetings with Financial Luminaries

Returning home from a west coast trip, I was amazed to see a famous economist. Who should board our plane other than Dr. Robert Schiller, Yale economist, author, and co-developer of the Case-Schiller Indexes. For more on his many accomplishments, see

I whispered to my daughter that we had a famous economist on the plane, and despite being almost 13, she seemed duly impressed. I debated whether to approach him, as I have read his work for years. When our suitcases were delivered side by side and we both reached for them, the opportunity came. So I did say hello, asked if he were Dr. Schiller, and he seemed surprised to be recognized. And I felt like a true groupie, saying how helpful his work is for folks like me. But I’m glad I did it.

The next financial person of note I met was Deborah Owens, who is a personal finance guru, author, radio show host and winner of awards for her work in financial literacy. She came to Springfield and gave an inspirational talk on the mindset of those who are successful with their money. She made the audience feel like yes, I can do this. So it was great to meet her as well; she is doing good work. For more on Deborah, see