Here Come the Hedgies!

If you have not already read this in the press, be forewarned that the SEC lifted an 80-year-old ban and will now allow hedge fund to solicit funds not only from sophisticated investors, but from any who meet a minimum standard of $1 million in net worth or… Read More »Here Come the Hedgies!

Garrett Planning Network News

Sheryl Garrett and the Network have figured in the news a lot lately. Here is a sampling of the latest; Sheryl Garrett and the Network featured in Forbes Magazine: Also in Reuters on the impact on the middle class of how they to pay for financial services:… Read More »Garrett Planning Network News

Kulig Financial Advisors now offering Dimensional Fund Advisors funds

In August I attended a conference held by Dimensional Fund Advisors, a semi-passive fund manager, so that I may offer their funds to clients who have an ongoing relationship with Kulig Financial Advisors (asset management or portfolio monitoring assignments). The session in New York was very good, and… Read More »Kulig Financial Advisors now offering Dimensional Fund Advisors funds

Alternative Investments

In July I attended a conference in Newport, Rhode Island for family wealth offices. (I used to consult to some family wealth offices in a previous incarnation, which is when I started attending.) I continue to go, since once in a while, investment ideas are introduced here before… Read More »Alternative Investments

Money Saving Tips

Resources and Links to Savings Opportunities The resources listed here have so many good tips that you could have difficulty implementing it all.  The key to using them is analyzing your own cash flow to see where money “leakages” are happening. Nobody has perfect savings habits, and sometimes… Read More »Money Saving Tips