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A New (to me) and Interesting Non-Profit

Some of you know that in my off hours, I engage in musical activities as a cellist. In a nice start to the New Year, I was asked to play as part of a baptismal ceremony for a newborn whose father had composed the music. This was actually the second time I got to do this, as the piece was originally composed for their first born. How nice that they had a second child and we got to do it again!

Since I am not a professional musician and fortunately have a day job, many of my “gigs” are fundraisers. In this case, the proud parents made a donation in my name to the Mathieson Music Trust, which was founded by a cellist. At their website (, they describe the work they do to educate children in India—not only in music, but for a complete education. Interestingly, they can also find work in the music field in that country. I was so pleased to learn about this non-profit, the work they do to lift up these children, and that they share with them the gift of music. On that note (no pun intended), Happy New Year!